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W indows Vista Ultimate is the ultimate edition of Windows Vista that has all the features and functionality of Vista operating system. Vista Ultimate alsoes with extra freebies called Ultimate Extras which include highly sought after applications such as Windows DreamScene that provides additional enticing reason to purchase the most expensive version of Windows operating system. If your systemes with lower version of Vista, you can always upgrade to Ultimate version with Windows Anytime Upgrade. And, if you buy Vista Ultimate, you can purchase additional Home Premium licenses at discounted price. Microsoft even prepares special portal for the ultimate Windows . Buy Windows Vista Ultimate cheap price Microsoft releasing the RTM code more than two months before the final consumer release gave them the time they need to get drivers ready, but early adopters should be prepared to upgrade drivers as they go. After you backup you data you can delete this folders. Go back in System Recovery Options and choose mand Prompt option and use the followingmands (after eachmand press Enter): Select your settings and press Next. You only install Vista once on most PCs but the experience is still critical. Our test installations included upgrading from Vista RC1 and clean installations on a newly formatted hard disk. Buy Windows Vista Ultimate cheap price But as Vista runs well on many existing systems, that's where we rmend you use it to start with. Buying a new PC is one way to get Vista; you'll get either a voucher for a free or cheap upgrade, or Vista preinstalled with most new systems. But unless you were planning on a new system, or your kit won't cope with Vista even if you add a gigabyte of memory and a new graphics card, we wouldn't suggest buying a new PC just to get Vista. Last February, in fact, Microsoft announced that it would drop the concept from Windows 7 's Ultimate edition. "Our new approach to planning and building Windows doesn't have the capacity to continue to deliver features outside the regular release cycle," apany spokeswoman said at the time. Microsoft Corp. should give Windows Vista Ultimate owners a free upgrade to Windows 7, an analyst said Monday. From System Recovery Options window choosemand Prompt option Vista is touted as the most secure version of Windows to date. Microsoft has finally provided a version of Windows that lets you run applications and handle basic system configuration without always running as Administrator. Windows 8 Charms Bar Skin Adding a large number of songs or pictures is far faster than in previous versions and searching for a track gives almost instant results even with hundreds or thousands of tracks. You can also browse through music and images using tags you've applied in Windows Photo Gallery or Media Player. Windows Vista Business (Professional Edition) Cherry's suggestion that Microsoft give users a free upgrade to Windows 7 would be weed by some Ultimate owners. "Like an idiot I purchased Vista Ultimate expecting the 'extras' only Ultimate users would receive," said aputerworld reader identified as "Garygfd" in ament on a February story about Extras. "How-freakin'-ever, all I got was useless crap that I wouldn't download anyway. What Microsoft should do is give us Ultimate idiots a big break on Windows 7." Where can I buy cheap Windows Vista Ultimate online?So, you can still afford Windows Vista Ultimate for cheap - just buy special OEM package, without box, only 100% fully working Windows Vista Ultimate.