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Read the License terms . If you accept them, select the I accept the license terms check box, and then click Next . Buy cheap Windows Server 2012 Essentials Related Articles Client Launchpad focuses on backup and shared access with Mac support Consider the value of just the daily health report seen in Figure C. For example, the Server Backup status can be verified each day by either a green checkmark, or other alerts if backups were not occurring as expected. Just having a means to easily detect failed backups within a day of their occurrence is actually high value information. Figure D shows off the Essentials Dashboard, a brutally simple but functional user interface for key network administration tasks. (I’ll discuss Essentials 2012’s use of server folders in a future article, but the short version is that these folders are points of sharing, so they appear when you browse the server from Explorer on other PCs.) Buy cheap Windows Server 2012 Essentials If you need access to on-premise network resources there is a pre-configured VPN client. Figure C shows the box that appears after connecting theputer to the network over the Internet. The user can optionally trigger auto-VPN dialing so they are always connected to the workplace. So if I purchase Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and enable Windows Server Essentials Experience role does that mean I will have 100 users and won't have to buy additional CALs for each user like you had to with Server 2012 Standard? ★ ★ ★ ★ Home page for Remote Web Access: Simple, easy-to-use interface for getting toputers and data I'm fit to be tied. I inherited a hot mess of a network and am pulling it all together for one of my new clients. They have W2K3 AD domain and clients both W7 & XP. 2. Client deployment The Windows Server Essentials 2012 Launch Pad application for PCs (left), and Macs (right) Even with this simple set up, I’m realizing some interesting benefits over Windows Home Server 2011. First, that system supports hard drives up to 2 TB only, so even with data duplication on, I have about the same storage on the new server. (Otherwise, it would be about 3TB more, or 1 additional TB per HDD.) And of course, thanks to Storage Spaces, I’ve got a more resilient andpatible set of storage. If anything does happen to the server, I can plug the drives into any Windows 8 PC and it will just work. Where can I buy cheap Windows Server 2012 Essentials online?Never pay more, buy Windows Server 2012 Essentials at lowest price ever and download it after the purchase.