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Windows 8.1 price

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The bad The split between the touch-friendly tiles and throwback desktop mode is still awkward, and the OS is hard to use without a touch screen. While wee, the new Start button doesn't behave like the classic version, and the Windows app store still lacks serious software, especially for gamers. Windows 8.1 price Nieuwe apps en updates Wee back, Start button The default action when clicking or tapping on the Start button is to take you into the tile interface view, the same task you can aplish by tapping on the Windows key on your keyboard, the Windows button on nearly every hybrid and tablet, or the Windows icon in the Charms bar that pops up on the right side of your screen. It's exactly the sort of passive aggressive promise" that backs up claims that Microsoft has lost touch with what consumers want. Either that, or a street corner three-card Monte game of "find the Start button." While the new features and improvements in Windows 8.1 are all positive changes, that basic disconnect between concept and reality remains. And therein lies the reason Windows 8.1 won't convert you into a fan if you're not already. It's great to have a better app store, contextual menu on the desktop, and more, but many of the underlying frustrations remain. Voors Windows 8.1 price De toegevoegde waarde van een Microsoft-account Dozens of new and updated apps ϻWindows 8.1: mijn tips en trucs voor optimaal gebruik Start Screen . The Start Screen includes two new tile sizes. The first is an extra large tile and the second is extra small. Snappier Snap views One of the more useful innovations in Windows 8 was the Snap View mode, where apps could be locked into place, taking up half or one-third of the screen, and running alongside another app. For example, one might have a live TV stream running, and then a social media window next to it. Or a PowerPoint, Skype, and a photo viewer. These were all possible before, but snapping is an easy way to set up an efficient use of your workspace, and the number of apps you can run like this is limited by your screen resolution, andponent horsepower. Cons Is it possible to buy Windows 8.1 at low price?If you want to buy Windows 8.1 for a cheap price - follow our instructions and buy OEM downloadable version.