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If you want to know more about the free download, feel free to look at the author’s site. Buy Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Soundtracks and titles On the other hand, Sony deserves some credit for allowing users to add unlimited tracks and for providing keyframe capabilities so you can set the strength of an effect or precisely adjust a clip's position on the canvas. You must click an Animate button at the bottom of an effect's dialog box to enable these features, but that's okay. One annoyance: If you add multiple effects, and you want to reuse keyframes, you have to click the first effect, tab to a keyframe, and then click back to the second effect before you can adjust the latter's settings. The support videos are practical,plete and when they do their live training, you can submit questions. While using Movie Studio, there's a "show me" button in the help menu; it points to what to do next, gives you an explanation and then goes step by step till you'vepleted your task. I've edited nine videos with different lighting, sounds and effects; they all came out great. Round out your movie with exciting soundtracks and beautiful titles. Create the perfect music bed by importing your own music from CD or MP3, or recording instruments directly into the program. Add animated or simple, yet classic-looking, text with the titling tools. Make your video cut through the clutter. Buy Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Het exportvenster ispleet gewijzigd. Je hoeft niet meer in een onduidelijke lijst te zoeken naar de juiste sjabloon. Door gebruik te maken van filters, kun je jouw project matchen op basis van resolutie, aspectratio, bitrate of audio sample rate. Net zoals voor de projectsettings geldt dat er nog geen standaardsjablonen zijn voor 50fps-beelden. Deze moet je handmatig kiezen, en dan kun je gelijk de standaardbitrate van 10 Mbit/s verhogen naar het maximum van 26 Mbit/s. De beelden staan dan als een huis, maar het encoderen duurt wel erg lang. Customer reviews for Sony Creative Software Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite I bought mine on Amazon and save a bit, but in the long run this program even at full price is a deal. Also the plugins are very powerful and give you pretty muchplete controll over the production and creative elements of making your video. Simple Edit Mode Searching to buy cheap Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11?You can buy Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 for cheapest price at our OEM software store.