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If you find that you were not able to receive the email, please check your My Account to see if the serial number populated in the My Software section.  If you do not have a My Account, create one and then check the My Software section. Cheap Sony DVD Architect Pro 5 Some DVD players and "universal" players will not play them and usually do not show them as playable in their specifications list of acceptable formats, but if a player can every Sony burned disc I've put in them has played without a hitch. LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0.157 The templates are vile, amateurish and childish, a pathetic attempt at appealing to everyone without actually appealing to anyone. Previews are simply not of sufficient quality to allow any kind of accurate pre-render assessment of final quality. Renders are really unimpressive quality. I was aware, when I bought it, that reviews were universally critical of the interface but there was a general view that perserverance would ultimately provide a better quality DVD. This simply isn't the case. Cheap Sony DVD Architect Pro 5 Captions: No Sony DVD Architect Studio can work with both 4:3 fullscreen or 16:9 widescreen formats, with an advanced preview utility to explore all the features of the latest created menu quick and easy. OHCIpatible i.LINK connector*/IEEE-1394DV card (for external-monitor preview) Where can I buy OEM Sony DVD Architect Pro 5?You can buy Sony DVD Architect Pro 5 for cheapest price at our OEM software store.