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Good for: Reading and writing in chat-based conversations, proofreading writing, askingplex usage questions Buy cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Portuguese Native online tutor support I feel satisfied with the Rosetta Stone program. The method is well supplied with a variety of possibilities for a good learning process. I enjoy learning with this method. Thank you Can I learn on my Smartphone or Tablet? €Rosetta Stone TOTALe may be the next best thing to living in a country.” Buy cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Portuguese Dialects: Numerous, depending on the user base Review of Rosetta Stone Brazilian Portuguese Given the price difference between the two and the quality of instruction, I think you’d be making a huge mistake if you invested in Rosetta Stone. If you’re still thinking about using Rosetta Stone, here’s another article I wrote that goes even deeper into the specifics of why Rosetta Stone Portuguese doesn’t work very well for Portuguese learners. Level 1 will guide you through basic Portuguese conversational skills, including greetings and introductions, simple questions and answers, shopping, and basic everyday conversational skills. Level 2 will help you gain the confidence to talk about your environment and interact with native speakers when asking for directions, out dining, shopping, and enjoying intermediate level social interactions. Level 3 is the advanced level that will help you develop the Portuguese language skills to debate, discuss and share your ideas and opinions. For more than two decades, Rosetta Stone has been developing innovative technology to help people unlock their natural language-learning abilities. To find out how Rosetta Stone has helped to transform people's lives read the reviews. €Anyone trying Rosetta Stone for the first time will enjoy diving right in.” Excellent course! I'm in the process of learning Italian. This course teaches in the most natural way, without formally going into the rules of grammar, but by very cleverly introducing the elements of the language so that you learn by use, just as you would normally acquire a new language. Rosetta Stone Portuguese Review Type: Audio course with written guide LingQ also provides some social aspects, allowing you to participate in Skype conversations and have native speakers grade your writings, but the real meat of the system is reading. So you’re not going to learn anything in particular about Brazil with Rosetta Stone. You’re not going to learn slang, you’re not going to learn Brazilian Portuguese as it is actually spoken by Brazilians today. Cost: $50 If there are other courses or products you would like to see reviewed here, let me know in thements. I also want to thank you for your updated “Roadmaps to Fluency” page. This is exactly what I needed and I have printed it out to use as a course guide to follow. Where to buy cheapest Rosetta Stone - Learn Portuguese?You can buy Rosetta Stone - Learn Portuguese for cheapest price at our OEM software store.