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The very second youplete a task, Rosetta Stone provides feedback. Speak a word and our unique voiceprint technology automatically rates your pronunciation. Connect an image with a phrase and you�ll immediately learn if your choice was correct.plete a set of exercises and you�ll instantly know how well you did. With Rosetta Stone, you always know where you stand. Buy Rosetta Stone - Learn English "Золотой стандарт" - CNN "Розеттский камень может быть следующая лучшая вещь, чтобы жить в стране." - The Wall Street Journal "Подход к изучению языков работает." - TechCrunch " What's New in Version 3.1.1 I am using the Greek course and am finding it absolutely brilliant! It is available on my iPad and so I can dip into it whenever I have a free moment. When there is soemthing that I don't understand, this makes me remember it when it bes clear. The only thing I miss is haveing a dictionary to which to refer, when I cant remember a word A Traveler version, consisting of several lessons focusing on basic terms as well as vocabulary important for travel, was produced in the late 1990s and is no longer available. Buy Rosetta Stone - Learn English COURSE MATERIAL AND LESSONS INCLUDE: • Language basics • Greetings and introductions • Shopping • Travel • Friends and social life • Dining and vacationing •. and more! Rosetta Stone English helps you learn English through an interactive system of incremental advancement in the language. Learning English in Rosetta Stone occurs through three coreponents. You learn, practice and play to reinforce what you've learned. We evaluated a demo offered on Rosetta Stone's website. The Rosetta Stone learning method is about absorbing English. You start by learning words instead of vocabulary lists. There's also speech recognition technology to help you perfect your English pronunciation. Level 1 consists of four units, each with four thirty-minute lessons and a number of five to fifteen minute activities. The level, which is supposed to "build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure," takes about 24 hours toplete following Rosetta Stone's rmended course. Starting from simple vocabulary such as basic greetings, "boy", "girl", "man", and "woman", moving up through numbers,parisons, adjectives, nouns, future tense, and telling time. Each unit also contains a ten-minute simulated conversation called a "Milestone." For the serious language learner wanting to make rapid progress. The unique immersion method will get you speaking in your new language from the first lesson. With Rosetta Stone you learn naturally connecting words and pictures naturally as you learnt your first language as a child. With the help of native online tutors you perfect your pronunciation, with the mobile app you can increase your vocabulary on the go and with access to ourmunity of learners you will gain confidence speaking in your new language. Other Rosetta Stone Packages Learn All 4 Language Skills. Our balanced curriculum includes listeningprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. VERDICT / This ESL software will help you learn English through instruction, practice and games, although it lacks some tools itspetitors offer. Where can I buy low cost Rosetta Stone - Learn English?If you want to buy Rosetta Stone - Learn English for a lowest price - just buy OEM version.