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The games were enjoyable guessing games and bingo with core vocabulary. Not my cup of tea, but certainly useful for many people. Buy cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch How to learn Dutch I would consider myself at least a mildly “visual” learner (whether such a label has any merit or not is up for debate), but I can’t say that four (or more) images is a great way to present every concept in the world. They wanted to emulate this as closely as possible for people who can’t travel, while making it still affordable. Of course I have other rmendations if you can’t travel, but the base concept (even if there are aspects of it I disagree with) makes sense. I don’t particularly feel immersion is something you can package a generic version of, but they’ve done a good job of trying . Ͽ[My wife] speaks Portuguese and a little English. We got married and spoke two different languages� She has been using the program for about a month now and the change is unbelievable�The program is great and we tell everybody about it.� �Joseph and Marialuiza Kissane, Massachusetts Buy cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch Dit artikel is niet meer leverbaar Rosetta Stone Download can be installed and used on a PC or Mac. If you prefer learning on your mobile device, you have the option to add Online-Services for £49 per year. In addition to the Rosetta Stone Apps (iOS and Android), you'll get access to Native Online Tutors, Learning Games and a global Learnermunity. Edwardjameswells Waardevol lid Posts: 38 Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 3:09 pm Country of residence: Netherlands Mother tongue: English (Great Britain) Gender: Male Location: Amsterdam A similar system was copied from Rosetta Stone by some websites. and it’s even less effective there. Interesting philosophy: Rosetta stone works with no use of your native language The problem is that doing so for free or inexpensively requires that the learner be active . Rosetta Stone attempts to spoon-feed the information to you so you do not need to plan anything at all. They retort this to say that the learner is quite active and needs to interact a lot with the program, which develops their skills to help make the language stick. I disagree; the system is indeedplex, but in such a way that almost too much is organised for you. Over the long-term, purely recognisable input as a learning strategy is more enjoyable than the stressful situations you would encounter in immersive environments, but you learn quicker with that pressure and it’s simply more realistic to how the world will present you with situations and words that you aren’t prepared for yet. The input-hypothesis is an “ideal” learning environment, and is thus not suited to a non-ideal world in my view. Swedish: Where to buy cheapest Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch?You can buy Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.