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Posted on: August 8, 2008 Buy cheap QuarkXPress 8 Item styles and item find/change (derived from XPert Tools Pro) are also a key addition in XPress 8, making it easier to ensure consistent formatting of objects, such as their color, margins, and text wrap. But InDesign’s long-available object styles are much more capable than XPress’s item styles, so it’s really just a basic catch-up capability for Quark —and available for free for XPress 7.3 users. And a few useful XPert Tools Pro features—multiple-page paste, group scaling, and saved layout settings—did not find their way into XPress 8, but should have. Finally, a New Look It’s tricky to tamper with an institution, even when it’s long overdue for a facelift. Part of the appeal among long-time XPress users is that it’s afortable environment that simply gets the job done, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Yet with XPress 8, Quark did a major overhaul of the user interface. It has a rather cartoonish Windows look to it, which is a negative, and I’m not sure I agree with Quark that this is a “modern” look. But I care more about how icons and palettes work than how they look. I know I know, you have some sort of fiberglass material attached to the underside of the hood, isn’t that soundproofing. Door equipment such as peep-holes, panic bars, locks, and closures can be fitted, using materials and seals that will ensure once again that there is no noise leakage through areas surrounding these fittings. Quick Fix – Turn off any music or TVs you normally leave on. Ironically, XPress 8 aplishes this by adopting the approach of Adobe’s Free Transform tool, which lets you do several things to an object. But Quark one-ups Adobe by not segregating the Free Transform functions to a separate tool; instead it marries them to the Item and Picture Content tools you use so often in XPress. Plus, XPress 8 provides a live preview of your changes as you make them. Buy cheap QuarkXPress 8 But the primary purpose of the Picture Content Tool and Text Content Tool is not to draw boxes; it’s to work with the content of those boxes. Selecting the Text Content Tool is how you get a cursor to work with the text, and also where you choose to link or unlink text boxes. And the Picture Content Tool gives you the little hand to move an image around, as well as turning on the direct manipulation features I mentioned earlier. Support for roundtripping of anchored text and picture boxes in the Single XPress Tag Format There is still one premium edition of XPress, and that supports extra East Asian type refinements. You can open files created in that edition in a regular edition of XPress, although you won’t be able to modify some text attributes. XPress 8 Finally, True Drag and Drop. It’s been a long timeing, but XPress 8 adds true drag-and-drop capabilities. You can now drag images into and out of XPress and to and from applications such as iPhoto, Adobe Bridge, and any other program that supports drag and drop. And if you drag a picture on to an XPress page (even into the middle of a text block), XPress will automatically draw a picture box and place the image. Since drag-and-drop works both ways, you can easily drag a picture from an XPress document to another graphics application (such as Photoshop or Illustrator) and open it automatically in that application. XPress 8 also introduces styles for hanging characters. With hanging characters, you can specify precisely how text aligns at the left or right edge of a column. This is useful in ads, posters, and other typographically oriented publications, as it can create a more visually pleasant edge by adjusting the parts of characters that could overhang, such as the bar in an uppercase T, the serif in a lowercase m, and various punctuation characters. Although most users won’t need this level of control, typographic fine artists will appreciate it. There is a choice for RTF in the list. This is not yet rmended for round trip use in QXP 7. The best bet for round-tripping text is Single XPress Tag format in your chosen encoding(see CFG Preferences). XPress 8 should have been a significant leap forward in both functionality and user interface, but Quark unfortunately decided to do just half the job, though it is certainly a half-job well done. With XPress 8, Quark has shown that despite years of turmoil, arrogance, laziness, greed, and fiercepetition from others, they can still pull a few rabbits out of their collective hat. Where can I buy and download QuarkXPress 8?So, you can still afford QuarkXPress 8 for cheap - just buy special OEM package, without box, only 100% fully working QuarkXPress 8.