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Quick Selection Cheap Pixelmator | Version: Pixelmator 3.2 Pixelmator is a joy to use. It's easy to understand, and all of the tools and capabilities are well presented. You can achieve remarkable editing effects without the high learning curve required in many other advanced image editors. Random image-loss is unforgivable, particularly with Lion, which purports to autosave as you go along - a trait I loathe btw, along with the iprehensible decision to ditch 'save as' and pursuit of eye candy in place of functionality. Taal: Engels. Duits. Frans. Spaans. Italiaans. Japans Bestandsgrootte: 44,5 MB Uitgever: Pixelmator Team Downloads: 33 Besturingssysteem: Mac OS X Categorie: Foto & grafisch design > Grafische software Cheap Pixelmator Top-notch painting tools • Paint with Pixelmator as you would on canvas • Use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes • Adjust brush settings to get just the look you want • Cover any area with beautiful gradients and color fills Creating perfectly aligned imagepositions is not easy. Unless you use Pixelmator, which has alignment guides, rulers, and pixel-perfect arrangement settings to help you. Full-featured and powerful image editing app for the Mac. "Very impressive program and getting better." Gradient . Klik en sleep om een ‘verloopkleur’ toe te voegen (een kleurvlak van kleur A naar kleur B). Pixelmator's slogan is 'Image editing for the rest of us' en dat is geen woord teveel gezegd. Vooral de superbe uitleg die 't tekenprogramma geeft bij alle geavanceerde functies, maken Pixelmator toegankelijke voor een breed publiek. Shape (meerdere opties): Klik en sleep in de afbeelding om een vorm (vierkant, cirkel, etc.) toe te voegen op een nieuwe laag. Final Word Throw in the low price, and you can understand how the words "extraordinary value" can be applied to Pixelmator. If you're an iPhoto or Aperture user, and you find the new Photos app from Apple doesn't meet your needs, download the 30-day trial of Pixelmator. You may discover that Pixelmator not only meets your needs, but exceeds them. Designed for iOS Refined selection experience and improved selection tool performance. Aperture Hard to navigate, badly laid out, tricky, have to watch videos and tutorials to figure out how to do basic things. Creating gorgeous images non-destructively begins with layers. And Pixelmator for iOS is an advanced, layer-based image editor. Photoshop Friendly Where can I buy student price Pixelmator?Never pay more, buy Pixelmator at lowest price ever and download it after the purchase.