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Resolves an issue with jumping to the OS X login screen while working in a Windows virtual machine in Coherence mode on a MacBook Pro with Retina display. Buy cheap Parallels Desktop 9 Open box, clearance, refurbished and recertified PCs, electronics and more. Windows alerts in Mac Notification Center No more annoying "device connect/device disconnect" sounds when resizing the virtual machine window, or switching to Coherence, or during the Parallels Tools installation. €One of my favorite features on the iPhone and iPad is Siri —the virtual assistant that responds to voicemands. Siri still doesn’t run on Macintosh OS X, but there is a way to get a Siri-like experience courtesy of Parallels Desktop and Microsoft Windows 10.”  Buy cheap Parallels Desktop 9 2 GB video memory support Shared folders and printers for Linux VMs Resolves an issue with Parallels Tools installing two times in a row in Windows 8.1 after an upgrade to Parallels Desktop. DirectX 10 inside Windows Resolves a problem with the Parallels Desktop GUI (graphical user interface) crashing accidentally on Macputerss with OS X Mavericks when a virtual machine is switched to Coherence. Our latest email deals. Windows apps in Launchpad Sorry, de pagina waar je naar zoekt is helaas niet meer beschikbaar. De pagina is mogelijk verhuisd of verwijderd. Shipping Destination: United States Your helpem me alot. Resolves an issue with OS X virtual machines crashing when more than 64MB of video memory is allocated. Resolves an issue with the launch of Parallels Desktop from the Finder Create VM from VHD and VMDK disks* Parallels desktop 10 Key generator Vagrant Provider* Cons Cloud Services Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac supports iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive optimizations with your Mac and your Windows virtual machine, eliminating duplication of files locally. Want to find lowest price on Parallels Desktop 9 online?You can buy Parallels Desktop 9 at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.