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The integration is solid.mon Windows interfaces—OneDrive, the system tray widgets, and Action Center—are all available from the OS X menu bar. In many cases, you can use Windows or OS X keyboard shortcuts (soMAND + Q will quit a Windows 10 app just as it does an OS X app, and useMAND + TAB to switch between running apps regardless of whether they’re OS X or Windows apps). You can copy and paste and drag and drop between OS X and Windows apps. And Windows apps can use OS X’s unique full screen mode—which is truly full-screen, something most Windows apps can’t even do in Windows 10—just as OS X apps can. It is all very impressive and works as expected (assuming you’re used to the Mac). Cheap Parallels Desktop 11 이전글 → 컨셉 이미지로 미리 만나는 애플의 새 무선 키보드 2015.08.19 10:04 다음글 애플, OS X 엘 캐피탄 최신 베타판 배포 시작. '5번째 공개 베타와 7번째 개발자 베타 동시 공개' 2015.08.20 11:10 This update for Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac 11.2.1 (32626) addresses overall stability and performance issues, and includes the following fixes: Parallels Desktop will automatically tune for what you’ll use it for the most: productivity applications, design, or development—even gaming. Resolves an issue with importing a Boot Camp virtual machine Cheap Parallels Desktop 11 Polish Mission Control support Created by developers, for developers. Say hello to Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition: Let me know how it goes. As stated, Support is also looking out for your contact, so hopefully we can get this all figured out for you. Parallels 11 isn't the only virtualisation option available for Mac users who need to run Windows apps, but it's certainly more polished than rivals such as VMWare's Fusion (which is also due for an update when El Capitan arrives). Its close integration of the two operating systems gives users the best of both worlds, allowing them to switch easily between apps, regardless of which operating system they were written for. Looking for a store to buy cheap Parallels Desktop 11?Never pay more, buy Parallels Desktop 11 at lowest price ever and download it after the purchase.