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Linked clones for VMs* Buy Parallels Desktop 10 cheap price Conclusie If you downloaded Windows from Microsoft hoping (like I did) to just select the installer executable, you're going to have a tough time. Parallels requires either a DVD or image file (ISO), or you can use the Parallels Transporter Agent to migrate Windows from another PC. Run Windows and Mac applications side by side As always, Parallels Desktop 10 helps keep your virtual environments safe through the use of Snapshots. The feature lets you to take a snapshot of your Windows system (for example) when it's in a healthy state so if you encounter any viruses or spyware while surfing, you can essentially rewind to your previously saved snapshot. This is extremely helpful for testing beta software and makes sure you have an option when dangerous Trojans or spyware infect your virtual system. Buy Parallels Desktop 10 cheap price Het werken met Windows via een virtuele machine is handig, maar kost vaak wel veel snelheid. Dit is op zich logisch, je runt immers een besturingssysteem via een stuk software op een ander besturingssysteem. Toegegeven, de installatie van Windows duurde inderdaad erg lang. Maar toen we eenmaal Windows hadden opgestart, waren wij blij verrast met de snelheid. Een kniesoor die merkt dat het allemaal een milliseconde langer duurt dan normaal. The new version also further erases the line between OS X and Windows with a few new tricks: Windows apps are automatically added to the Mac's Launchpad, and you can even use the Windows 8.1 Start screen as the Launchpad. Parallels enables sharing from Windows apps to any of the user's Internet accounts on the Mac side. Even the Mac's little red balloon notifiers get Windows-friendly. appearing on the Microsoft Outlook icon. New Virtual Machine Wizard Samsung Galaxy S7 Perhaps the most exciting new features in Parallels 10 are what you can do if you have Yosemite and iOS 8. New Handoff features in Yosemite let you do things like start a document on one device and quickly open it and continue working on another. Handoff also lets you make a call from your Mac straight from a phone number you find on a website by using your iPhone (when it's nearby) to make the call. Coherence modus maakt van twee besturingssystemen één. Virtual machines in Parallels aren't limited to just OS X or Windows. Work without risk with Snapshots With Yosemite and iOS 8, Parallels gives you even more ways to interact between the systems. The ability to use Mac services lets you take advantage of Handoff features in Yosemite while you're working in a Windows environment -- something Windows can't do alone. Parallels Desktop 10: Run Windows on Your Yosemite Mac Using Yosemite features Windows apps in Launchpad Of course, Parallels Desktop 10 supports OS X Yosemite (scheduled for release "in the fall," according to Apple), and brings some of its features to Windows apps, including the ability to save to iCloud Drive, and share via iMessage. What's Hot Where can I buy cheap Parallels Desktop 10?So, if we sum the facts above, we can get answer on this question - you can buy Parallels Desktop 10 for cheap price at this site.