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Secondly, I find it encourages me to experiment with B&W more. I’ve had some great results with images that I would have left as colour were it not for being able to just launch the plug-in, and make a few clicks to get a result that are 95% of the way there. Buy Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 cheap price “Silver Efex Pro 2 has been created to provide photographers with the world’s best black-and-white conversion software enabling them to utilize new and powerful capabilities that were not available in the traditional darkroom,” said Michael J. Slater, President and CEO of Nik Software. Если видеокарта не поддерживается, для аппаратного ускорения используется не графический процессор, а центральный. You can—and we suggest you do—download and import a zip file containing 42 presets (including those from version 1.0) from the Nik website. As Silver Efex Pro users upgrade and new photographers download Silver Efex Pro 2, we assume the number of available presets will increase as people start sharing presets they’ve developed on their own. (It’s really easy to create a custom preset—just make some adjustments, click the “Add Preset” button at the bottom of the browser, type in a name and click OK.") Все необходимые инструменты Buy Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 cheap price As a keen user of photoshop and someone who is happy to make any tweaks to monochrome by using it’s built in tools, is it really justifiable to spend 200 Euros on this piece of software? The best bit about this is the drop down box at the top of the tab. At first, because it's listed as neutral, it's easy to assume that there are only a few preset options in there, but opening it up reveals a plethora of film types from old favourites such as Ilford FP4 to less used “specialist” films such as Kodak P3200 T-Max Pro. Hovering your mouse over these film effects will preview them on your picture so you can try them before selecting them. It cuts a corner of having to go back into the menu if you decide you don't want it and I think it's a simple but nice touch. The films are sorted into speed with the designation to the side. In my opinion it’s absolutely justifiable! I had the same view as you until I tried the demo of version 1 (and then I had to buy it). Ik ben heerlijk aan het stoeien geweest met Nik Color Efex Pro 4, nieuw is dat je daarin meerdere lagen kan maken met verschillende effecten die allemaal apart in te stellen zijn en waarvan je de dekking ook weer apart aan kunt passen. Hiermee maak je dan een aanpassingslaag maar je maakt het jezelf nog […] SEF 2 is great (but slowere than v.1). However, I found a major flaw (or perhaps, I couldn’t find the right menue.) Once I make the necessary changes (tone/exposure etc) in SEF/Save it/ close the program/ go back to PS. After we all flocked over to digital and left film for dead, it's started to see a revival in more than one place. Film itself has started to see aeback and programs such as Silver Efex Pro 2 also boast a film setting. This is located in the fourth tab on the right side of the screen and you can adjust the grain, sensitivity of the grain to a particular colour and also levels and curves, which is pretty useful. Jon S, I have already downloaded the 15 day trial- hence my question. Many features are already existent in Lightroom. I’d be paying over £100 for am app that gives me a selection of fancy borders. Maybe a better purchase would be theplete set of apps currently on offer at about £200 ish. Butpared to the functionality of Lightroom these Nik plugins are expensive especially for someone who has also used Photoshop for years- since 1.7 in fact. However for any reasonably capable PS user whats really on sale here is convenience. I’m not sure if I really need all these plugins- the full advertised price on UK Amazon is over £500. Jawel het is zo ver, mijn boekje is af. Met dank aan Julia Zaffarano van Nik Software voor de super enthousiaste medewerking en met dank aan Carola Rood die alles ook kritisch voor me gelezen heeft! De Nik filters voor Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements en Apple Aperture zijn zeer populair. Dit is niet zo vreemd, […] Google purchased Nik software they made a great offer, selling the entire Nik package for less than Silver Efex Pro 2 used to be alone. It was worth the wait. Site Menu 8:20 pm - Sunday, June 3, 2012 Where can I buy student price Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2?You can buy Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.