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ϻMicrosoft Digital Image 11.1 is a program to work with digital photo collections. This pack contains a graphic editor, photo browser and Photo Story utility. Buy cheap Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 There are other smaller but thoughtful enhancements to Library, including a new feature that makes a large thumbnail image pop up when you hover your cursor over a smaller thumbnail. But Digital Image Suite's most dynamic new feature is the inclusion of Photo Story 3.1. As we reported earlier. Photo Story is a total overhaul of Microsoft's Windows XP–only video-slide-show utility, with motion and music effects that easily outstrip Photoshop Elements' capabilities. Of course, Photo Story is available as a free download from Microsoft's Web site, but it's a wee part of the package nonetheless. In keeping with Microsoft's new strategy to support Raw image files (see my technology showcase ), DIS 2006 supports various Raw image file types in both its Editor and Library applications. In Library, Raw image files appear just like other image file types. In Editor, you can perform whatever editing functions you do with other image types. But when you go to save the image, it defaults to JPEG, and not the original Raw image file type. Because Raw image files are considered "digital negatives," you're not provided with a way to overwrite the originals. Here with I am sharing my audition video of Pluralsight which I submitted to be an author. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but it’s now matter of few months after which I can reapply again and hopefully be an author for Pluralsight. Despite this failure, my experience with Pluralsight acquisition editor and curriculum team… The only real problem with this feature is that it won't make intelligent cropping suggestions based on the photo size you want. Let's say you choose 8 x 10 from the proportion drop down: Instead of intelligently choosing a cropping area, it simply selects the middle of the image. The intuitive cropping only applies to custom proportions, which his fine for electronic images, but not so great if you intend to create a print. Buy cheap Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Office365 August Update | YouTube SkypefB Video Broadcast: Ep. 22 Cloud PBX features | YouTube SkypefB PSTN Conferencing will be available in Australia via Office 365 to help customers simplify operations and cut costs. | official Press Release Power BI July Update for Service, Mobile and Desktop Building Power BI Reports on top of Amazon… Most of the new features are found in Library, the suite's image-organizingponent. As before, Library lets you create keywords and assign them to individual images. That makes it easy to find, say, all the photos of your brother Sam that were taken in Hawaii. But rather than having to sort through a long alphabetical list of keyword tags, Library now makes it possible to organize the keywords themselves, creating deeply hierarchical categories for people, places, and events. There's also a ready-made 5-star rating system for ranking images. Though Library's graphical interface still isn't as elegant as Photoshop Elements 3, the suite now offers roughly the same power for tagging photos. Web Typography, Now There's An Oxymoron! "Works very well and easy to understand." Box with a checkmark beside this statement: Protect myputer and data from unauthorized program activity I called a friend back home and he walked me thru the steps I needed to take in order to figure out what was going on. I knew to log on as the administrator because I am the administator and no one else uses my laptop. © 2016 About, Inc. — All rights reserved. In the previous version, DIS Library supported ratings and user-definable keywords. Now, DIS 2006 Library adds support for hierarchical labels and keywords. So, for example, DIS 2006 provides a new Label Editor that provides you with access to the new, hierarchical, Labels functionality (Figure ). There are top-level labels, such as Keywords, People, Places, Events, and Flags (the latter of which is not what it sounds like: Flags include such things as Needs Touchup, To Print, and For Review). Under each, there are sub-labels (like Family and Friends under People, and Kids and Parents under Family). And, as with the previous version, you can make your own Labels, at any point in the hierarchy aside from the top level. So you might create a hierarchy under Events - Vacations that includes names for each trip. Or, you could create a hierarchy under Places that includes the names of the actual places you visited. The truly detail-oriented could do both. Though DIS Library offers a nice thumbnail view of photos (which can be enlarged or shrunk on the fly with a slide control), and a preview pane at the bottom of the window, sometimes you need a slightly better view of individual photos. Previously, you'd have to double-click on an image, which would launch a Viewer window (Figure ). In DIS 2006 Library, the thumbnails now support a mouse-over hover view (Figure ) which lets you easily preview individual photos--and get information such as resolution, date, and associated labels--without having to open a separate window. It's one of those well-executed features you didn't really know you wanted until you see it. I called Microsoft and explained myputer "symptoms" and explained my software was still under warranty but they were going to charge me the $59.95 fee anyway. So, I declined and looked in my packet ofputer info that said if my microsoft was downloaded from thepany I ordered it from, then I was supposed to contact them, not microsoft. So, I called Dell and got the same song and dance from the rep who said they would be more than glad to help me. for a "nominal" fee (and myputer is still under warranty is what kills me! First they sock it to you with the price of theputer or software (Microsoft) and then bleed you to death if a problem arises). I have to be honest here. I'm not a huge user of photo library applications such as Picasa or Adobe Photo Album, though I recognize that the basic editing features these applications offer are generally all that most users need. For users with moreplicated needs, a dedicated editor is called for. For this purpose, Adobe offers PhotoShop Elements to consumers, a stripped down version of its expensive (and pro-oriented) PhotoShop CS product. ================================== Define your selection using your Advanced Selection Tools. New Member • Posts: 4 -- John Inzer MS Picture It! MVP How to ask a newsgroup question: As an all-around digital photo editing, organizing, and sharing package, Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10 was an also-ran whenpared with offerings from Adobe, Jasc, and Ulead. But the new Digital Image Suite 2006 is now a contender, at least when ites to organizing and sharing photos. Where can I buy downloadable Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006?You can buy Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.