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As I lamented the last time Imented on this subject, "Hundreds of years have been spent on figuring out what makes text pleasing to read and we're willing to throw it all away for a bit of ease of publishing and distribution?" Cheap Macromates TextMate Building from within TextMate Scratches is a new TextMate bundle that I'm finding very useful. Changes to column selection Dynamic font sizing Cheap Macromates TextMate This is great. I'm so glad to see a manual. Thank for putting your full time efforts into it. I did a quick scan of it and it looks really nice. I'm not a Textmate power user yet, but this will help me to be one! Tell TextMate to reload its bundles (menu Bundles > Bundle Editor > Reload Bundles) and you should be ready to use it. Scrolling: The scrollbar color can be hard to see when using the new auto-hide scrollbar type and a dark theme, also scrolling past the edge of a document only shows a white background before snapping back. The default target is TextMate/run. This will relaunch TextMate but when called from within TextMate, a dialog will appear before the current instance is killed. As there is full session restore, it is safe to relaunch even with unsaved changes. Where can I buy discount Macromates TextMate?So, advanced users already bought OEM Macromates TextMate without box, only software.