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Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish Buy MacPhun Intensify It’s pure lazy is what it is. I dislike the way DPS is allowing product adverts, and classing it was ‘writers preference’. Intensify Pro (currently on 20% off for dPS readers here ) is a Mac only image editing program from MacPhun. With apologies to Windows users (I really wish this software was available for PCs as well) let’s dive in and see what this software can do. Not my problem whatsoever. A humble example: After running CMDmand in my Start windows button, I can generate a TXT list of all my 19,000 MP3 files or just the folders and open it in Notepad or MS-Word in less than 20 seconds (10 if I rush). Or I can locate JPG files among my RAW or DNG and count them with the same techinique. Buy MacPhun Intensify Like Structure, the Detail sliders require care as it is easy to overdo the effect. There is an additional Masking slider to help keep it under control. If the effect is too strong, you can move the Masking slider right to limit the areas affected. Want higher levels of contrast in your images? Want to enhance the sharpness without producing extra noise or halo?e and experience Pro Contrast and Micro Sharpness. Pro Contrast helps you make your photo look richer and deeper in color. After applying it to your photo, you get your images in a higher contrast by preserving every detail. Our proprietary Offset offers you precise adjustments over highlight and shadows, which helps you discover the hidden beauty of your photos. Micro Sharpness sharpens the details of your images and together with Radius and Dehalo, you are allowed to tune your photo the way you want and produce your ideal effect. Thank you for your opinion on my opinion. It seems to have hit a nerve with you for whatever reason. There does not seem to be a way to remove those hooks! Since I have asked for a refund under their 100% satisfaction guarantee, the emails have stopped! BEWARE! Poor software guys! © Macphun Software Intensify helps you create images of high quality. You can improve your photos by using Intensify and the process is extremely simple. The Micro sharpness of Intensify, together with other advanced sharpening techniques, helps you produce images of the highest quality without introducing noise.You can also use the in-built parameters, such as Radius and Dehalo, to strengthen this subtle effect. With this incredible technology, you can produce extremely clear and sharp images even when you are not using professional camera lens. If you’re an amateur, or just want something uplicated to use, you can stick with the presets, while those with some experience, or looking for something more advanced can use the Adjust tab to make moreplicated changes. Description Michael, I started using Photoshop 17 years ago and have been learning about it since then. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. Size: 76.3 MB Easy To Use, Wonderful Effects Any time you want to see how your imagepares with the original, you can simply hold down an eye icon at the top of the screen - when you’re doing this, the original will be displayed, let go and the edits will be apparent. Bekijk onderstaande video voor een impressie: Al diverse keren iets besteld bij cameraland. Zeer goede service, snelle reacties via de e-mail. Ook als ik iets wil retouneren wordt dit vlot afgehandeld. I need to say that making the things easier is what turns the people more lazy, specially the ones who are entering right now in Photography world. Where can I buy low cost MacPhun Intensify?You can buy MacPhun Intensify for cheapest price at our OEM software store.