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Switching from Direct Connect to Quicken Connect. Buy Intuit Quicken 2016 MAC Fixed an issue where modifications to Bill Pay payees weren't always uploaded to your bank Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where transactions were not being auto-categorized for some Direct Connect accounts. Enhancement: Direct Connect Bill Pay has been improved to better support transfers. In 3.2 users can now pay a credit card via Direct Connect Bill Pay and also classify this as a transfer. Previously, transfers had to be between accounts within the same financial institution. Download Quality Fixes Buy Intuit Quicken 2016 MAC Securely imports your bank transactions through April 2019 Nor did CEO Brad Smith reveal any new information about the sale in an interview with the The Sacramento Bee on Wednesday. During the interview, he called Quicken users "trackers" rather than "doers." W for beginning of the week Fixed an issue that prevented Quicken from importing some Quicken 2007 files. Quicken could crash and/or display a message that said "An error occurred while preparing the file to be imported". Customers that experienced this error should now be able to import their 2007 file. CRASH: Fixed a crash that could occur if logging into Intuit ID and going to preferences before sign inpleted. Legal Notice Fixed an issue that could cause random crashes after upgrading to OS X v10.11 (El Capitan). Looking for a store to buy cheap Intuit Quicken 2016 MAC?So, you can still afford Intuit Quicken 2016 MAC for cheap - just buy special OEM package, without box, only 100% fully working Intuit Quicken 2016 MAC.