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QuickBooks will now display a "No Site" section on the Inventory Stock Status by Site report for those transactions without a site selected. Buy Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 No major new accounting features Based on Intuit Survey, 2014 Updated centers allow for more customization. Expanded contact information fields in the Employee, Customer and Vendor Centers are now more customizable, allowing up to 8 contact fields and multiple notes per contact. New tab functionality enables you to view transactions, contacts, to dos and notes on the same page. Purchase Orders and Sales Orders without a site now display a quantity on the Stock Status by Site report Buy Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 Improved performance of the Search in both the Vendor and Inventory Center. 1 person found this helpful Note . Release Notes can be found in the latter part of this article. Intuit Quickbooks Pro 2013 Finding the cheapest Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 online?You can buy Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 for cheapest price at our OEM software store.