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Film Controls - Convert To drop down Selects the particular film stock to be emulated. - Size drop down Selects the negative size to emulate. Smaller values such as 8mm are fuzzier with larger grain. Larger values have smaller grain. - Film Color slider Adjusts the balance between the original digital camera color palette, and the film color palette. Typically you would leave this at 100% film - Grain slider Adjusts the amount of grain applied to the image. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the grain for the selected film stocks. Some stocks have more grain - such as D3200. - Blur Slider Adjusts the amount of blur applied to the image when either an 8mm or 16mm negative size is chosen. The default is 100%, which is an accurate representation of the amount of fuzziness that will be present with the selected negative size. The blur is applied before the grain. Buy FilmConvert Pro 2 cheap price You will now see some color changes, grain and FilmConvert water marks on your media! Ever since the introduction of Digital Cameras, digital evangelists have been saying how Film would eventually be superceeded and replaced. After several decades, this is finally happening. However, for many people, the look of the digital footage still leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't look as good straight out of the camera. From Lumberton, US FilmConvert Pro 1.34 plugin (After Effects-Premiere) Crack FilmConvert Pro 2.0.3 OFX + crack FilmConvert Pro 2.12 plugin Mac-Win (After Effects-Premiere) cracked FilmConvert Pro 2.06 plugin (After Effects-Premiere) crack Buy FilmConvert Pro 2 cheap price Choose from our range of precise Camera Profiles, matched to your camera. 6K Grain Scans DJI Phantom 2 GoPro 3+ Black Edition Features Whats New in v2.18: The plugin will now load without an OpenCL environment present. Software rendering will be used. From Minneapolis, Minnesota, US Is there any FilmConvert Pro 2 discounts?You can buy FilmConvert Pro 2 at lowest price ever, just follow the instructions above.