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Goodbye from MacNN, and Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele 6/30/16 Cheap FileMaker Pro 14 Admittingly, I didn't get the inclusion of video support in FileMaker Pro at first, but the support does open up some interesting options for iPad apps. You have the option to play videos within a FileMaker container field or in full screen. There are also controls to interact with videos during playback in FileMaker Go. The latest version of FileMaker Go includes new scripts for starting and stopping video and audio. Automatic app reconnect with FileMaker Server FileMaker Go Launch Center WebDirect is impressive: it makes your browser look and work and feel like the regular FileMaker Pro software on your desktop. It's not a way to put out a database online for just anybody and everybody to use, as you need licences, but it is a way to quickly get your database to people wherever they are in the world. It's a way to save them having to install the desktop application. Cheap FileMaker Pro 14 The Bad Support for 32-bit FileMaker Pro Empowering knowledge workers and other power users to create mobile apps is the wave of the future. I consider FileMaker a shadow enterprise mobility leader in a growing "DIY mobile app war" that's happening right now. We think it's worth it. More than worth it. Look at that invoicing example: it took us a fair time to set it all up the first time, but thereafter, producing and sending an invoice was so quick that we actually send invoices on time now. Back around FileMaker Pro 11 or so, we researched a book using a database we created: it tracked how much of the outline was done, it held all the interview text and audio we recorded, it let us cross-reference everything. If an interviewee mentioned "X," we could see in an instant who else knew about that. Easier to use isn't the same as easy to use: technical knowledge still required Where can I buy cheap FileMaker Pro 14 online?You can buy FileMaker Pro 14 for cheapest price at our OEM software store.