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CorelDraw Graphics Suite Cheap CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 Video Hints, Tips & Tricks and Insights from the Experts Wat zijn uw grootste verdiensten? Het winnen van de hoofdprijs voor de internationale ontwerpwedstrijd voor CorelDRAW is wel een van de dingen die eruit schieten. Mijn familie heeft de Citizens of the Year Award in Pontiac (Illinois) gewonnen. Dit was een bekroning voor de organisatie van de Walldog Meet in 2009, waarbij honderden kunstenaars werden uitgenodigd, die in vier dagen 19 muurschilderingen maakten. Ons gezin heeft ook de Studs Terkel Humanitarian Service Award in 2010 gekregen. Hoe kwam u over CorelDRAW te weten? Tijdens de lessen grafisch ontwerp bij een lokaal cursusinstituut. How did you get started? In the middle of the 70s, I read an ad in the newspaper that a printing shop was in need of a designer. I had never worked in that profession before, but I decided to take the risk. During the first days in my new job, I realized that I was in my true habitat. Cheap CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 What are the CorelDRAW features that allow you to distinguish your designs/art? My designs reflect the CorelDRAW advantages as well as my personality: I always try to do as much as possible but to keep it as simple as necessary at the same time - just like CorelDRAW is. On the other hand, I have a high quality standard of myself and I like to create my designs to be as detailed, but also tidy and clean as possible. Advanced workspaces Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), all with latest service packs installed 27 maart 2014 Door Jill Duffy Do you have any interesting/funny/noteworthy stories? These days there is a segmentation in design styles. In the early days when I first started my business, I used to get inquiries about jobs such as creating simple letters in CorelDRAW. I did these types of jobs for free but had to start charging for them as I started getting of the same type. I believe thatputer novices and pros are easier to deal with. The intermediates are most difficult. I had one client who was excited with what I did with myputer and CorelDRAW. He wanted me to rotate a 2D scanned picture in a 3D way. I mean he wanted the picture to turn around for his sales literature. And his innocent question was that if you could create such amazing things, why can't you do that for me? CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, NL What are your most important aplishments? Winning the grand prize for the International CorelDRAW Designpetition ranks pretty high up there. My family also won the Citizens of the Year Award in Pontiac, Illinois for helping host the 2009 Walldog meet, where hundreds of artists were invited and painted 19 murals in four days. Our family also won the Studs Terkel Humanitarian Service Award in 2010. Where can I buy low cost CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7?If you want to buy CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 for a cheap price - follow our instructions and buy OEM downloadable version.