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This is how the industry is moving at the moment, Adobe seems to be successful with it. Avid has introduced it in their product offerings. Autodesk already does rental licensing for some of their 3D products like Maya . and 3ds Max . so this news shouldn’t be too much of a shock. And you can love it or hate it, just like people do the Creative Cloud leasing. But hopefully it will allow more people easier access at a price point they can accept. Buy Autodesk Smoke 2015 cheap price System requirements and hardware support: ϻTrial privacy notice These tools will allow you to do more on the timeline, and allow you to move into ConnectFX seamlessly with your timeline effects for more advanced effects work. The overall Timeline experience has been improved regarding rendering and you will never see an “Unrendered Frame” again. I’ll be covering more of the great new Smoke 2015 features in future blog posts. And plan on doing some video tutorials to showcase the improvements to the workflows and effects. Stay tuned to Premiumbeat Buy Autodesk Smoke 2015 cheap price Why we collect this information In my opinion, Autodesk has made a positive move with the Flame upgrades and with Flame Assist. It really shows theirmitment to that product. I was skeptical at first with the changes in licensing andpatibility with Smoke, but after talking more with Autodesk my concerns were eased. I feel that they really want Smoke to succeed as a product, the new licensing and pricing will allow more people to gain access to it. And being that it can be a monthly, quarter, or yearly license the pressure to deliver new features and improvements to the software to make the user base happy and get them to renew that license will be even greater now. They realize this and I think are up to the challenge. The main advantage in checking out these Experience tutorials . is that you can download 4 gigs of footage . This footage is a collection of video and graphic elements and is the same footage that Ken was using in the NAB Live Demo video above. So it’s worth just checking out to have some nice 1080 ProRes elements including green screen to learn with. Wait! Can you let me in on the projection hack for Smac? I’m a newbie to Smoke on Mac but an old time Flame user and could sure do with that work around. Something to do with ‘wrap/uv’s? Thanks! D Learning… Just Press Play. Autodesk Smoke 2015 and Flame Assist on Mac – What does it really mean? Buy cheap Apple and MAC software online at discounted prices When Smoke 2013 was released a few NAB’s ago, it was being aimed at the editors who also needed some effects tools like keying and basicpositing, tracking and color work. Smoke 2013 was $3495 and ran on a Mac and contained node basedpositing tools in ConnectFX . It was the closest thing to a Flame that most mortals could get. Where can I buy downloadable Autodesk Smoke 2015?So, advanced users already bought OEM Autodesk Smoke 2015 without box, only software.