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1) Imports for VSTi(Virtual Instruments). So for example I could plug in VSTi Drums and when I hit the play button the drums’ sound woulde from the VSTi and not RSE, or VSTi steel guitar, piano, bass, strings, violins…Imagine a mixed and masterd song finalized, with the VSTi plug ins, I could “view” a song like that just from inside GP7. And of course VST effects, like reverb, eq, chorus,pressor… (Number 1 priority for me: the VSTi plug ins) hope you get my point, and if you don’t reply this so I can be more specific. Buy Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5 The palm-muting has gone from bad (GP5) to awful (GP6) and I hope GP7 doesn’t continue down this path. A guitar tablature program with non-existent/feeble palm-muting is as unforgivable as a word processor without a working bold function. Use full screen mode when playing along with TABs Bring back the possibility to switch instruments on one track! When writing music (mostly in progressive music bands with keyboards or umon instrumentation), I often switch back and forth with various instruments, pads, and leads. This functionality was there on GP5, and it was really convenient: I had a progressive metal song on just 7 tracks! On GP6, the same song takes 53 tracks… FIFTY-THREE TRACKS! And it’s just unplayable: the program won’t even play it, it just crashes, and even the technical support wasn’t able to play it. So please, bring that back in GP7! – Grand Staff for guitar. Treble and bass clef in standard notation. Buy Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5 As far as I know, this is planned for GP7. If true, it might be enough to make me buy a copy even if the software hasn’t improved in any other way since GP6. I use Guitar Pro in a variety of ways but mostly as aposition tool and as a notation program for presenting printed music to students… here are my suggestions: From Texas February 8, 2012 Music Background: Hobbiest Where can I buy low cost Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5?If you want to buy Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5 for a cheap price - follow our instructions and buy OEM downloadable version.