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Installed as an Intel-only, 64-bit application, Blow Up can be used without having to rely on host programs such as Photoshop ( ), Lightroom ( ), or Photoshop Elements ( ), but its installed plug-ins can be used as an easy bridge from those programs as well. Buy Alien Skin Blow Up 3 cheap price Blow Up is now simpler to use. If you understand Photoshop’s resizemand then you already know how to use Blow Up. Blow Up is even easier because ites with presets for standard paper sizes. Blow Up now works in Lightroom, which is where many pro photographers spend their time. Those pros will also enjoy Blow Up’s new faster speed when they are enlarging batches of photos. What makes a dedicated upsampling program special is the algorithm used to interpolate information in a believable way, and a good one will accentuate details while not muddling smooth transitions. Some let you sharpen and add grain but, if the base scaling is weak, then sharpening will pick up these flaws. Noise will only hide them a little, and get worse as you scale up further. I put Blow Up through its paces with a variety of image types to seehow the algorithm performed. Scaling images way up—which is to say, enlarging them a lot—is never something you would choose to do, but sometimes you have no choice. A client’s picked their shot and they must have it in a poster, so that leaves you with the tricky job of blowing it up without it exploding into a pixelated mess. Most image editors do a good job with reduction or slight enlargement, but for huge increases in scale with maximum quality, you need dedicated software like Alien Skin’s Blow Up. now at version 3. System Requirements Microsoft Windows users need Windows Vista or later. Apple Macintosh users need Mac OS X 10.6 or later. An Intel Core 2 processor orpatible is required. A monitor with 1024x768 resolution or greater is required. Buy Alien Skin Blow Up 3 cheap price Blow Up 3 is for use with the following host applications: Blow Up 3 Ultimately it’s a piece of software that’s easy to use and I can see it contributing to the bottom line of my business. “ Blow Up keeps photos crystal clear during enlargement. Especially in large prints hung on a wall, the difference between Blow Up and Photoshop is astounding. Version 3 makes pictures even sharper withoutputer artifacts.” The bottom of the workspace allows for various viewing ratios (good when doing fairly large resampling ratios), has a hand Crop Tool to move around the crop area and offers a before/after view in various manifestations. And one more hidden tip before we get to work: next to the Help button (?) there’s an arrow that lets you set preferences for the program. The one I suggest that you always check is to dupe the image prior to resampling, thus keeping the edit non-destructive. Blow Up does not create a Layer when done but works on the original file. Yes, you can always do a Save As to get around this but not everyone remembers this in the heat of the action. The mantra of processing has always been non-destructive, meaning, do no harm in the process of what you do. From working with Blow Up 3, I feel like with the right gear and technique you could really stretch the limits in terms of image size to way beyond what we might have expected before. And while it can’t work miracles with noisy, fuzzy and shaky images, or those images made in digital’s distant past, you can create enlargements that exceed previous limitations. In all, it’s a useful tool to have in your plug-in folder. Thanks To Original Uploader X Force Host Requirements Blow Up 3 is a plug-in and requires one of the following host applications: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 or later Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or later 6MP Camera: The first test was of a photo made with a “now-ancient” 6MP camera (2004 vintage) of a hat shop window in New York City (#2). I chose this old file because I feel that many folks with old image files from smaller MP cameras would be naturally attracted to a resampling option for printing. For this test I wanted to see how the image would look when resampled way up to 300dpi at 98MB (from 18MB) using Blow Up 3, making for a 250 percent leap and a potential 16x24” print. In each case I minimized the sharpening although it was not entirely turned off. Blow Up 3 requires the following: – Intel Core 2 processor orpatible – Windows Vista or newer ϻExamples Before and After previewing. As you can see here, the before and after are shown left and right respectively. Output Sharpening Just choose your paper type and Blow Up sharpens the right amount topensate for ink diffusion. I am most impressed to have gotten an actual call from an actual person of a softwarepany! New! Speed Blow Up 3 runs faster on both Macintosh and Windowsputers. Want to find lowest price on Alien Skin Blow Up 3 online?So, if we sum the facts above, we can get answer on this question - you can buy Alien Skin Blow Up 3 for cheap price at this site.