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InDesign CS4 boasts four well-designed new capabilities that will appeal to certain professional segments of themunity. The most applicable of these is the new preflighting system. The key to the new Preflight panel is that you can establish your own preflighting rules through a straightforward check box interface. For example, if your images need to be 300 dpi and CMYK for final output, you can set up that rule by clicking the appropriate check boxes in the rule definition. As you work on your layout, InDesign continually checks your work against the rules you set up (or the default rules it ships with, if you do nothing) and displays a running tally of violations in your document window. You can go to the Preflight panel to see the actual violations, and click a link to the offending object so you can fix it. Buy Adobe InDesign CS4 cheap price safa October 28, 2008 at 1:53 am Great features, but is there a way to make multiple footnote “Numbering Styles” within same Adobe InDesign Cs3 or Cs4 file (I already have books which contain those multiple numbering styles, printed more than 30 years ago!!). Example: – 1 2 3… for economic footnotes – a b c… for political footnotes – i ii iii… for social footnotes Thorn October 29, 2008 at 4:03 am The sixth version of InDesign does break ground in a few areas, such as an innovative and powerful new ability to help you precisely place and size objects via the mouse as you work with objects “live.” Several new capabilities—such as the ability to set cross-references, set your own preflighting rules, and create conditional text—will appeal to subsets of the InDesignmunity, particularly those doingplex documentation, catalog, and book projects. And there are a few dozen wee enhancements throughout the program, from smarter link updating to support for line counts in nested styles. Furthermore, several changes to the user interface improve its ease of use. Buy Adobe InDesign CS4 cheap price Heh… What you’re waiting for? Adobe is just MONEY MAKER! Best publishing software always was AND IS the QuarkXPress. Who said ‘Adobe’ is a publishingpany? There is a lot of programs which do image editing MUCH easier than Photoshop. InDesign – the same story (lucky users of LaTeX!). Forget this “another M$” and feel freedom! The idea is that other programs—including those not developed by Adobe—could take InDesign documents and use itsponents, such as a Web publishing tool extracting content from an InDesign IDML file. Likewise, a catalog publisher could create IDML files directly from a database, without needing InDesign. That IDML file could then be shared with other applications, as well as opened in InDesign for a production designer to refine before printing it. Hey there, I need some advice please. The export-to-flash option is quite exciting as a new way to create glorious Web slideshows. I wonder though if there is a way to automate page transition timings as in PowerPoint so that the slideshow progresses without buttons or any other human intervention? Or do we have to wait for CS5 for that one? Robert October 30, 2008 at 4:08 am Text Features With every new version Adobe tinkers with interface and each time claims to improve “efficiency”. What is so wrong with CS3’s interface that needs improvement and revamp? Did someone forget there is a great deal of customization already? Adobe has put the cross-referencing features into the modified Hyperlinks panel, on the theory that cross-references are not all that different from hyperlinks. I mostly agree with that logic, though it does make for aplex panel interface. @ Jake: “I?ve got some clients still on CS2 who need my final files. Either I do them in CS2, or do them in CS4, down-save to CS3, then down-save again to CS2.” InDesign CS4es with several predefined workspaces, with the Essentials workspace being what appears when you first use it. But the Essentials workspace presents a stripped-down set of panels, way fewer than a professional (or even an amateur) would use. So, at first blush, InDesign seems to have few abilities. Iplained about this in my first look preview of the InDesign CS4 beta. and Adobe recently dropped the worst part of this “enhancement”: removing menu options—not just panels—in the Essentials workspace. So at least all the menu capabilities are available in the Essentials workspace. And once you switch to a useful workspace, that choice sticks until you change it again. My continued beef is that this oversimplification is unnecessary. Adobe usually plays with the user interface at each release, and InDesign CS4 is no exception. This time, most of the changes are fairly minor. For example, the controls for expanding and closing panels have been moved further away from the control to open flyout menus, reducing the chances of clicking the wrong one. And panel names are now all caps (which are a bit harder to read, at least for my middle-aged eyes). Suta February 8, 2009 at 8:58 pm Where can I buy cheap Adobe InDesign CS4?So, advanced users already bought OEM Adobe InDesign CS4 without box, only software.