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Adobe product manager Doug Winnie's article, Introducing Flash CS4 Professional. discusses how some of the biggest features of Flash CS4 Professional can improve your application development workflow. Buy Adobe Flash CS4 Professional cheap price When you set the player to Adobe AIR, a Settings button will be visible adjacent to the Player drop-down list. Click this button topile your SWF and open the AIR Application and Installer Settings dialog shown in Figure 14.6, “AIR application and installer settings”. As its name implies, the dialog is divided into two main sections featuring settings pertinent to your application and to the AIR installation process. The ID identifies your application to the AIR engine by a unique value. The default is.adobe.example.<application name>. but you can change it if desired. The value must be 212 characters or fewer and contain only a–z, A–Z, 0–9, dot (.), and dash (–). Show warning messages In the Create Self-Signed Digital Certificate dialog that opens, match the chapter figures by entering My Name for Publisher name . Design for Organizational unit, Mypany for Organization name . and US for Country . Feel free to substitute your own values, as long as you remember that the screenshots will differ. Buy Adobe Flash CS4 Professional cheap price Publish Settings: Flash Line 2 stores a reference to the main timeline's loaderInfo property. As its name implies, this property contains information pertaining to the loading of a display object. In most cases, you will query this property when checking on an instance of the Loader class that you create to load an external asset. However, this also works when checking on the loading progress of the main timeline. The Window style setting dictates how the window will be rendered. None renders the window with no interface elements at all. System Chrome will render a standard rectangular operating system window with controls such as name bar, close, minimize, and so on. Custom Chrome (opaque) allows you to create your own window interface in the FLA. Custom Chrome (transparent) allows you to create your own window interface in the FLA, but makes the Stage transparent. Where can I buy cheap Adobe Flash CS4 Professional?If you want to buy Adobe Flash CS4 Professional for a lowest price - just buy OEM version.