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He starts with using Dreamweaver to insert an FLV file in an HTML page. This procedure, which can be performed through Dreamweaver's graphical user interface and requires no coding, is explained in step-by-step detail in about two pages. So, if you're a code-shy Dreamweaver user with an FLV file that needed to be on the Web yesterday, go to page 79, and you should be happy in about five minutes. Buy cheap Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Duplicate the Animation & Use Edit Multiple Using Shape Hints For what are you going to use the program? Sample clip Buy cheap Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Brand: Adobe Changing the Layout for More Screen Space SWFText 1.3 Software to make flash animation with 200+ text animation effects. Flash is one of the most significant media formats that have ever been developed. I think it is the best animation standard on the web. However, Flash has been acquired by Adobe years ago and finally it is now livelier and fully operational under its newpany banner. Unlike its prior releases, Flash now offers you numerous enhancements, but also has some meaningless upgrades. Chapter 6: TWEENING ALONG A PATH (37 min) Moving the Transform Pivot Points Enhancing the Animation Patibility with other Adobe applications You can also try Adobe Fireworks CS3. a utility specialized in the creation of vector graphics and offers integration with the rest of Adobe’s products. Classic Bouncing Ball Animation Technique Of course, your happiness may be short-lived if you read on to page 82, where the author lists the disadvantages associated with the deployment method you just implemented. No problem, though. He also offers a better solution: SWFObject. an open-source JavaScript library created by Geoff Stearns, and offering advantages such as convenient specification of Flash movie attributes in a single JavaScript code block in your HTML file, easy Flash Player version detection, and improved search enginepatibility. Unlike the Dreamweaver approach, you do have to edit some JavaScript. Still, in just a couple of pages, the author tells you everything you need to know to get up and running with SWFObject, not to mention integrating Adobe's ExpressInstall to prompt users to upgrade to the latest Flash Player version, if they don't already have it installed in their browser. All in all, this is a valuable book, especially for those looking to push their Flash sites to professional levels of reliability and user-friendliness. I give it five cows. Want to find lowest price on Adobe Flash CS3 Professional online?So, if we sum the facts above, we can get answer on this question - you can buy Adobe Flash CS3 Professional for cheap price at this site.