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Flex 4.5 and PHP: Creating Data-Driven Applications Cheap Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP Note: If you want to install the product on a differentputer, you must first deactivate the software on yourputer. To deactivate, choose Help > Deactivate Flash Builder. Flash Builder is built on top of Eclipse, an open-source IDE, and provides all the tools required to develop applications that use the open-source Flex framework and ActionScript 3.0. Flash Builder runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, and is available in several versions. Installation configuration options let you install Flash Builder as a set of plug-ins in an existing Eclipse workbench installation or create a stand-alone installation that includes the Eclipse workbench. Min Operating System: Apple MacOS X Cheap Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP Min Operating System: Apple MacOS X 10.6,Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft Windows Server 2008,Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise,Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate,Microsoft Windows XP SP3 In order to get started working on Flex and PHP, we need to first install our development environment: Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP. As with other Adobe tools, this is a fairly straightforward process. If you use Eclipse for other development, we'll also look at how to install Flash Builder 4.5 as an Eclipse plug-in. Now, this process is going to work basically the same whether you're using Windows and Mac. I do use Mac for the majority of this course, so I am going to walk through the Mac Installer portion of it. Once you've downloaded or inserted the DVD with the installer file, you should be prompted to either read the Read Me file, which of course you're wee to do, or to install Flash Builder for PHP. Note: In order to install additionalponents or reinstall your software after your original installation, you will need access to the original installer (CD, DVD or the download from the web). Repair is not an available option. Edit code - Write and edit your application source code using the code development tools in Flash Builder. The code development tools include code refactoring, code hinting, streamlined code navigation, automatic syntax error checking, and other features. System Requirements Details Platform: MacOS,Windows Full profile for Adobe Systems Free troubleshooting resources include Adobe’s support knowledgebase. Adobe user-to-user forums. Adobe Support Advisor and more. We are continually making additional tools and information available online in order to provide you with flexible options for resolving issues as fast as possible. CrunchBase Where can I buy discount Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP?If you want to buy Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP for a cheap price - follow our instructions and buy OEM downloadable version.