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Buy ACD Systems ACDSee 18 cheap price Tech support said it should not be working the way I have described so not much help. But, I have faithfully done the same routine when I start up day after day and HOLY COW today it worked. Seems like ACDSee and PS CC 2015 have learned to play nice together again. This does show me how lost I will be if this little bit of loading fonts really does cease to work. Volg ons Related Blog Posts ϻSpecialist in software Buy ACD Systems ACDSee 18 cheap price 11-06-2014, 01:01 PM My understanding of Creative Cloud, is such that you might NOT know if Photoshop has changed or not. Are you certain that build numbers have not changed? I would check that out first. The next thing I would do is contact the font publisher and ask THEM how to get the fonts to work in Photoshop CC running in Win 10. I can't believe they would not know how to do that. Nobody leaves that big a market untapped, nobody but fools that is. Gratis verzending vanaf €29,95 Students can free get the all-new MS Office Professional Plus 2016 from Microsoft. Thanks for your input Glen. Yes, you have the situation summed up correctly, except that I'm not sure this is still the case with PSCC2015. because it is not working. Worked yesterday with Windows 7 and not today with Windows 10. will try the ACDsee tech support before all the rest. Photoshop and ACDsee have been playing nice since I started all this, about 2006 so that is many versions of each. Hard to accept that someone decided to close this little tiny door that is so handy. Copyright ©2016 ACD Systems International Inc. All rights reserved. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and Canada and by international treaties. 2016-07-30 08:57:40 | By sof.down Ontvang wekelijks een update. Wij spelen geen gegevens door aan derden. Afmelden is gemakkelijk mogelijk. Good program, but it would be better if it doesn't crash so frequently. Versturen door heel Europa Hello anyone who wants to download the latest software version of Download ACDSee 19 and wants information about him to enter this link. :www.downloads-soft/2016/07/download-acdsee-19.html Looking for a store to buy cheap ACD Systems ACDSee 18?So, you can still afford ACD Systems ACDSee 18 for cheap - just buy special OEM package, without box, only 100% fully working ACD Systems ACDSee 18.