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Mogelijkheden zijn o.a. CPRx technology for copying new DVD movies. Copy Presets - One click preset for each type of DVD copy. Preview the movie, extras and menus. Include or exclude movie and menus based on preview. Select individual audio, video, and subtitles streams. Control the amount of videopression used. CPRx technologie voor kopi�ren van nieuwe DVD-films. Kopieer voorinstellingen - E�nkliks voorinstelling voor elk type DVD-kopie. Inclusief of exclusief filmdelen en menu's, gebaseerd op voorafkijk (preview). Selectie van individuele audio, video, en ondertitel (data)stromen (streams). Buy cheap 1Click DVD Copy Pro 4 Categories This software features Copy Presets tools that helps users customize their DVD movies. It has four types of presets namely Movie Only . Episode DVD . Exact Copy and Custom Copy Preset . It also features CPRx Technology that copies damaged movies. Users can also add or remove extras, menus, subtitles and DTS audio. “ 1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO is a fast, easy-to-use, full featured program for copying DVD movies onto DVD discs. The latest version now incorporates CPRx technology to ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies. The main differences between the Pro and the Standard editions are that the Pro edition includes several features that facilitate a greater degree of control over exactly what you put onto your backup disk. 1Click DVD Copy Pro allows you to select exact audio tracks, provides useful Copy Preset and preview functions and also supports multi-channel audio (like 5.1 and DTS). As well as this, the Pro edition performs all the Standard functions, such as the ability to burn a movie to one disc with no need for file splitting. Buy cheap 1Click DVD Copy Pro 4 29 jul 2010 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.2.3 11 jun 2010 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.2.0 Limited to 3 DVD copies 19 aug 2011 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.6.2 22 apr 2014 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.3.2.7 20 okt 2010 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.3.2 21 okt 2011 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.7.6 15 jun 2012 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.9.1 Softonic uses the rating systems by PEGI and ESRB. The ratings you see may vary by country or region. Please read our FAQ about Windows SmartScreen warnings . 2 jun 2010 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v4.2.1.8 20 nov 2014 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO v5.0.0.2 You thus have to select the source and destination, which can be either a DVD burner or a folder on your local disc, but also the working folder which stores the temporary files. You may need to renew your license to use a newer version. You can check your license renewal date here. You can update the software for free at any time during the first year after your purchase, using the links below. Simply install the new version overtop of the previous version. Looking for a store to buy cheap 1Click DVD Copy Pro 4?If you want to buy 1Click DVD Copy Pro 4 for a lowest price - just buy OEM version.