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This program is as simple as it could be. Besides a few settings, you have only a start button to start copying the DVD inserted in your optical drive. If you have only one optical unit installed on your system, you have to wait for an image to be created. Then you can insert a blank DVD and the writing process starts. The good thing is that you can either burn a new disk or copy the DVD onto your hard drive. Buy 1Click DVD Copy 5 Trefwoorden: 1click dvd copy 1click dvd kopie cprx foutcorrectie dvd film To conclude, it's safe to say that this application can get the job done very well and it really needs only one click to do that. The extra settings are a weed bonus so both advanced and less-experienced users can benefit from it. Fixed: Crash during copy when a titleset VOB is missing. Preferred burn speed : Use this option to manually select the preferred maximum burn speed. In some cases, you may need to lower the write speed to ensure your DVD writer will successfully burn the DVD. Buy 1Click DVD Copy 5 Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Version reviewed: Turn offputer after burn: Enable or disable automatic shutdown of theputer after a successful burn. This is useful if you wish to leave theputer unattended to burn a copy and you want theputer to shut down after the burn ispleted. Movie Menus . Enable this option if you want a menu on a "Movie Only" ('Include Extras' disabled) copy. Keeping menus without Including Extras may cause some menu options to function incorrectly. We rmend you disable this feature to increase playbackpatibility on your DVD player. This options is disabled by default. Many new DVD movies are created like this to prevent copying, and 1Click DVD Copy is able to ovee this obstacle. 1Click DVD Copy needs around one hour to copy a DVD to yourputer. Shortcut Keys : F1 . Opens the User Guide F2 . Opens the Registration Window F8 . Opens the log file in notepad Where can I buy student price 1Click DVD Copy 5?So, if we sum the facts above, we can get answer on this question - you can buy 1Click DVD Copy 5 for cheap price at this site.