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Rosetta Stone markets its program as “Interactive Language Immersion,” but unfortunately that’s just a slogan. You can’t sell language immersion in a yellow box. Cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish As you can imagine, Rosetta Stone disagree with this. Their reply is “In our view, a program is truly effective only if it offers genuine language learning value to the widest possible diversity of learners” You can find a link to my Pimsleur review near the bottom of this page, and it’s not an affiliate link. We like Pimsleur a lot, even though we don’t get a penny from them. Summary of This Review: Your Brain Is Different Than a Baby’s Brain Cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish With limited spare time you can still learn the new language you desire and in thefort of your own home at times that fit your schedule. Should you want to learn new words, sentences and speak in a new language with a chance to practise pronunciation, then the Download is perfect. Can I learn on my Smartphone or Tablet? A lot of people criticize Rosetta Stone for being expensive. This criticism is 100% unjustified. These critics are usually people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Fantastic! I have really enjoyed learning Spanish with Rosettastone. The lessons have been easy to fit into my busy lifestyle and doing the on-line tutorials with other students and Simy our lovely tutor have really helped bring the whole experience to life. I have enjoyed playing the games and reading stories. A fantastic way of immersing yourself in the language - a great way to learn. While I like the idea, since it gets you speaking to the program and gives you feedback, I found several problems with it including registering a sneeze as a correct answer or needing to repeat myself several times and not understanding what was different that I got right. This may be due to one of the technical issues with using my own microphone since the USB microphone wasn’t porting through my Linux-based virtual box. Rosetta Stone rmend that you use their headphone and do not support use of others, even though initially my headset didn’t give me problems, and they say you can use others if you wish. I recently went to Paris for the weekend. I have never been to Paris so was looking forward to the trip but haven't spoken a word of French since I studied it for my GCSE's. - Bruno ЯЗЫКИ: арабский Китайский мандарин) Английский (американский) Английский (британский) Голландский Филиппинский (тагалог) Французский Немецкий греческий иврит хинди ирландский итальянский Японский Корейский Персидский (фарси) полировать Португальский (Бразилия) русский Испанский (Латинская Америка) Испанский (Испания) шведский турецкий вьетнамский Children learn slowly and much differently than adults do. High Prices and a Never-Ending Sale Looking for a store to buy cheap Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish?So, you can still afford Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish for cheap - just buy special OEM package, without box, only 100% fully working Rosetta Stone - Learn Spanish.