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Gratis QuarkXPress 9.1 + Key (meertalige versie) - [756,45 Mb] Buy QuarkXpress 9 cheap price One of the major new features of QuarkXPress 9 is ePub export. After all click “generate” button and your new serial number will appear Quark has also promoted a new feature called App Studio. which lets you create publications for distribution through an iPad app, using Apple’s in-app purchasing capability to manage single-issue and subscription sales. This feature isn’t part of the QuarkXPress 9.0 test drive that launched earlier today or the final 9.0 version that Quark will release on April 26th. Rather, Quark says App Studio will be included in a free upgrade to version 9 that is expected to ship by August. (Macworld will formally review QuarkXPress 9 when that version is released.) App Studio for QuarkXPress - Create the Ultimate Mobile Experience - Create your own iPad apps with App Studio for QuarkXPress, then publish and control your own interactive publications. Buy QuarkXpress 9 cheap price A new Story Editor provides a word-processor-like view within the program, to assist when text in a layout is difficult to read and when stories span multiple pages. The Cloner feature gives users a more efficient way to clone design elements by allowing designers to copy items or pages to multiple pages or layouts; and it can be used tobine or split layouts. Ondersteunde OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 QuarkXPress Serial quarkxpress 9 Kenmerken: "De intuïtieve interface van het programma "Built-in Web en Flash authoring tools "Het creëren van verbluffend ingericht teksten via haar controle over typografie "Importeren Adobe Illustrator-bestanden en ondersteuning voor Adobe Photoshop "Verbeterde gereedschappen voor het werken met foto's, illustraties en teksten "Volledig aanpasbare controle symbolen "Verbeterde raster basislijn "Het gebruik van woordenboeken en woordafbreking "Ondersteuning voor meer dan 30 talen "En vele andere functies App Studio offers interactive features such as video/audio players, slideshows, scrollable regions, Web overlays, pop-up windows, buttons, hyperlinks, and more. QuarkXpress 9 +serial for mac and windows free Where can I buy cheap QuarkXpress 9?If you want to buy QuarkXpress 9 for a cheap price - follow our instructions and buy OEM downloadable version.